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Originally Posted by MeadowCat View Post
MC didn't have any snacks at the movie, but we did enjoy it! Not quite as good (in my opinion) as John Wick 2, definitely not as good as the original John Wick (which is amazing), but definitely good! There is a scene with some utterly fantastic dogs that make the movie worth watching - nothing better than well trained working dogs showing off their skills. Also a super creative scene with horses. Loved both of those.

MC, glad you enjoyed movie, but I'll pass...

WaPo Review

"The Wick films are best appreciated not so much as story but as pure choreography, albeit one in which the dancers are stabbed in the eye socket, kicked in the head by horses, bitten in the crotch by German shepherds or shot with a high-powered weapon, leaving a sudden plume of blood and brain matter on the screen before John moves on to the next pas de deux"

Honest Trailers - John Wick

I actually think Honest does good reviews of movies, although the reviews are meant to humorous, good humor has a basis of truth to it.
They backup every point they make about the film with clips, even though taken out of context, the summation is accurate.

I haven't seen any of the superhero franchise movies except Wonder Woman in recent years due to predominance of mindlass CGI action.
Might as well sit home and play video games. Even in Wonder Woman, last half of movie sucked IMO.

Ten Doberman Rules
Poke Everything.
It's New? Bark At It.
Moves? Chase It.
Doesn't Move? Smell It.
Liquid? Spill and Dribble It.
Treat or Food? Wolf It Down.
Not Food? Chew It Slowly, Be Quiet & Hide From Human.
A Toy? Shred & Destroy It.
Stuffed? De-Stuff It.
Bites You Back? Wrestle It!

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