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Originally Posted by ECIN View Post

Oh chit SP- Not East Coasters ? If they were ok then you got lucky - lol

Got the yard done ! Have the dog lot to do then may give them both a bath !

Wonder how MC got along yesterday with her movie ? Haven't seen her on - Probably still coming down from that Extra large buck of Hot Butter Popcorn + Milk Duds + a super size Pepsi !
MC didn't have any snacks at the movie, but we did enjoy it! Not quite as good (in my opinion) as John Wick 2, definitely not as good as the original John Wick (which is amazing), but definitely good! There is a scene with some utterly fantastic dogs that make the movie worth watching - nothing better than well trained working dogs showing off their skills. Also a super creative scene with horses. Loved both of those.

Haven't been on because I spend the whole day today at our breed club's echo clinic - I plan the whole thing and am in charge of it, so I have to be there! Richter also had his echo (everything looks great!), and Sypha's is tomorrow. This year we are having a 2 day clinic. I'm exhausted - we tested 13 dogs today, so I've spent the whole day helping to lift and hold dogs. Had one very nasty (non-Dobe) that almost bit all of us...ugh. Almost didn't get his echo at all, but we managed it with a muzzle and some moxie.

Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
Down to 44 here, mild thunderstorm/rain with occasional graupel (online definition--soft hail or snow pellets, precipitation that forms when supercooled water droplets are collected and freeze on falling snowflakes, forming 2–5 mm (0.08–0.20 in) balls of rime.)

It looks like soft little balls/pellets of snow, not hard and icy like hail.

Picture from "Aaron Hill's Notebook"

It's supposed to get to 34 tonight; I've got the upper part of my sprinkler system drained just in case it gets colder.

Unsettled weather here through until Thursday. Mid 50's during the day, mid-30's for lows. Possible rain, thunderstorms, even a chance of snow showers early Tuesday.

I'll try to keep this weather from getting to Indiana, Ken. Where do low pressure and fronts (warm or cold) have to set up for you to get bad storms?
If we have a low pressure south of us (especially dropping down and moving across northeastern New Mexico), we get upslope circulation around it heading into the mountains from the east and we're likely to get some precip.
Originally Posted by TNfisher View Post
You can send that weather to middle TN; we're already in the upper 80s, with a forecast of low 90s next week. Ugh. October can't come soon enough for this boy. Went hiking with Mocha this morning; we left the house at 7 and it was already 68. Blah!
Please take our weather - cold today, colder tomorrow - 40 for the high! Terrible rain/storms. Yuck.

by Shanoa Delta, on Flickr

Richter & Sypha
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