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Hi again,

If I was looking for a dog walker who was experienced with reactive dogs I would contact trainers in my area--as Meadowcat recommended. And I'd have a look around my vet's clinic--some of them have bulletin boards and I'd talk to the employees--some of them know who the good trainers are and/or may know who good dog walkers might be.

I work for a vet clinic and I get asked regularly (I'm behind the scenes there so it's the vets and techs or reception folks who do the asking) but one of our ex-employees has done dog walking (or drop in feeding and checking on an at home basis) for years--she's reliable and capable and she gets referals from us on a pretty regular basis.

There are two day car facilities in our area who maintain a list of dog walkers which have been used by either our employees or our clients with excellent skills and they will recommend them for specific problem dogs.

Sometimes the trick is to find out who really knows of good dog walkers. I'm in very much the wrong part of the world to help much in finding you a good dog walker since I'm in the left hand Portland, Oregon.

Keep asking--group dog walkers seem to be much more common on the east coast in big cities than on the west coast (maybe Los Angeles but I've been gone from LA for many years)--the biggest group of dogs around here being walked by someone who told me she walked groups was a lady who had two dogs she was walking but she also said that most of her clients are walked individually.

If Pepper got used to the people at day care I expect there wouldn't be much of a problem for her to get used to a dog walker coming to your house. I'd suggest meeting the dog walker a short distance from the house in the evening when your husband can walk Pepper that far and have her walk with Pepper and your husband. And do a second meet where your husband turns Pepper over to the dog walker and Pepper is walked by that person. If that goes well than the third meeting could be at your house during the day and you could turn Pepper over to the dog walker at the door.

Good luck--that's one advantage to having dogs that are or have been shown in conformation--my dogs will go with anyone who puts a leash on them and wouldn't think of barking at strange people or dogs. The house rule is no barking in the house except at night--and while being walked--no barking ever (but they can stare all they want and particularly with a very small black eyed male of mine it was enough to drive people across the street--it was a rare person who wanted to meet or pet that dog.)

Good luck...

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