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Everything that was described is pretty common for dogs that have not bred before, and bitches that have not been bred. Holding a bitch and yes even muzzling her is NOT cruel or unusual as long as she is flagging and showing every sign of being ready to breed. They don't know what is going on, and having their owner or breeder hold them and reassure them is exactly how it is done. A dog needing some help finding the right position and guiding his penis is perfectly normal - they generally are quick learners - HAHA. It's not cruel or unusual.... it IS good animal husbandry.
I once watched a neighbor try to breed two Rotties (many years ago) - they just let them loose in the yard, and while the dogs tried to breed for hours, they never figured it out (thank God). In the wild things are different, but these are purposefully bred dogs - humans are part of their life and we are part of their birth as well. It's pretty normal that we assist with breeding as well. Making sure that dogs are not injured due to breeding accidents is (in my mind) totally the right thing to do. Once a stud dog is experienced, he can figure it all out by himself. But, as a stud dog owner, I would NEVER allow a breeding where the bitch was loose and nature was just allowed to run its course!! That is asking for injuries IMHO.

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