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What you describe is forced intercourse. Just because she's "just a dog" doesn't mean it's not rape and not abusive.

I'm probably going to be quite outspoken here, as usual, but your "mentor" is garbage to muzzle the bitch and restrain her to force her to stand, and if you don't see anything wrong with going down that path, you're no better. I'm all too aware of worse, some waste-of-human-flesh horse breeders routinely hobble and drug mares to force them to stand, and I've heard of at least one case of one resisting being raped so hard that she severely injured herself trying to escape and had to be put-down. It's crap like this that gets morons like PeTA and HSUS all up in breeders' business and demonizing all purebred animals.

One of the reasons I really question the competence of my first Dobe's breeder (Linda, with whom you're familiar) is that she made all these grand plans that involved breeding & showing, so much so that she did much the same things you described, but took them a little further to include hormone therapy on top of it all when she encountered difficulties. Turns out that after all that effort, she still wouldn't settle, and started fighting with every other bitch in the place, so she was spayed and rehomed at about 2 years of age. Don't get me wrong, the bitch was a wonderful companion and lived a long life, but she had some sort of severe hormonal imbalance and being spayed was probably the best thing to happen to her. There are reasons it's wisest to take things in their own time.

This breeder mentality, that it's "Okay if they stop resisting towards the end" and/or "if they're so drugged-out they don't resist" is disrespectful towards the animals. Sure, you're in a rush. You and the bitch's owner didn't want to exercise any patience for the dogs to figure things out, which they're quite capable of doing. Y'all chose the wrong day and strong-armed the bitch, who apparently wasn't quite ready. Or, maybe she has health or temperament issues. I'm not sure you did Mav any favors by setting him up for his first mating experience to be like this. Good thing dogs are generally good at figuring things out, even when their humans place them in stupid predicaments.

Some mentor you've found there, you're certainly off to a wonderful start.
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