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So the first breeding took place on Sat. Sorry I couldn't update sooner but I've been house hunting as well. Her progesterone went from 3.9 on Fri. to 8.4 on Sat. which I thought was kind of an incredible jump.

Firstly, thank GOD for having a mentor there! Although Mav was quite the gentleman any time he tried to mount his fair lady she screamed bloody murder! I'm pretty sure if the mentor wasn't there that the bitch owner would have called Mav a rapist and said he could never touch her EVER! Instead the bitch owner sat in a chair, put a muzzle on the bitch and held her gently between her legs. Then Mav got to do his thing, well kind of. I guess they aren't as good at knowing where the spot is as we would hope. So I had to help him get his legs into position while the mentor helped get him in the OTHER position It took us a few times but the bitch did settle down enough to take the muzzle off and just stand there. We were lucky that Mav was very comfortable with us maneuvering him around as well. If you're picturing Barry Manilo playing in the background try Benny Hill because it was closer to a circus bit than a Romance, maybe a romantic comedy lol. Then they tied. It was weird seeing her kind of spasm almost like a contraction when having puppies but less intense. It was also weird and uncomfortable having to hold them while being tied together. I will say I much prefer the puppy and training and pet and competition part of dogs over the breeding part. And I'm not sure why I feel so awkward and dirty after, Mav on the other hand, was very pleased with himself. We have another breeding set for tonight.
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