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The vWD which occurs in Dobermans is type I, which leads to relatively mild problems. Even genetically affected dobermans may never be clinically affected, that is, may never have an overt problem with bleeding. It is unusual for affected dobermans to bleed spontaneously, but you may see excessive bleeding in some circumstances, for example, during surgery, while teething or in season. And dogs who are clear or carriers will not have a bleeding problem.

Dobermans have so many health problems, many of which are of much more concern than the possibility of vWD disease. Certainly it is better to breed clear to clear, or clear to carrier. But in the doberman world the gene pool is limited and there are other health problems to breed away from which may be of more concern. It is worth considering whether a particular dog with very good longevity in its bloodlines who has other excellent qualities should be kept out of the breeding pool altogether.

There are breeders on both sides of the argument.

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