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Originally Posted by Louise&Aaron View Post
Hey everyone......I need to have a rant!!

My current boss is a micromanager....he told me he has to do this because he doesn’t trust that I am doing my job properly....

......In the past month I have won 1.5million worth of contracts.....

I am clearly sh!t at my job

Orrrr......he is an utter [email protected]!!!!!


He is the sole reason I now have a new job.

Micro Managers are like Control freaks.
- and many of them, have been promoted to 2 Corporate levels...beyond their ability
- they often don't know what they don't know
- and its a Power trip, to dis-treat and wear down the valued staff
- this allows them to fell less threatened, in their job
- with less risk, of Boss being replaced // when they can find someone, to dump on

Beau had a crusty senior Boss once, that slammed his fist down hard...on his desk.
- because he said / you are trying to make a tooling change, that 3,000 PHd in Corporate Research...never tried to do
- Larry / slammed his fist back on Boss desk, loud in return
- and said, funny how those PHd's are phoning me up, to implement my cost saving projects

After that heated exchange / I was given free range, respect, and no longer questioned.

^^ Stand up & pick the perfect Fight - that you will Win !!
- pick your battles wisely / or the beatings will continue, until moral improves

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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