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I'm getting into this very late as for as dogs seeing color--that's what was believed for a long time but more recently the experts are saying that they a different color spectrum than we do or you could rephrase it and say that they don't see the same colors we do.

And about picture--I have a friend who is a long time photography buff--he said 1) Picture were only as good as the camera (originally he said that about film pictures but later he went on to start shooting with a digital camera and said that nothing really changed--pictures were still only as good as the camera they were taken with.

(Interjection: It goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway) that pictures also depend to a large degree when it comes to their quality, on the skills of the photographer)

2) He also said that black and white with professional quality gear and skills was always going to produce a more sharp image than color. After digital appeared he said that digital color images were nearly as sharp as black and white.

Now you know what I know--and I've never been able to adjust color on this omputer (everything is darker and more orangish than it should be. So I like the black and white image better but I don't think that's quite what or how the dogs see it.

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