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Black & White OR Color ??

Yesterday - I was talking to Alan j. down in FLA , Like every time - We had our Doberman talk

OR Color

I told Alan I was thinking the other day when I took the picture of Ali and Mr. B for the Dobermans in rain theme - I have been told by Vets - read it in print that animals only see in black & white , It was raining lightly - gloomy very low lighting out . For what ever reason - I took the picture in black and white - when I looked at it - it looked ok but when I posted it up - well - to me - it didn't look sharp or it was blurry , I thought - IF - they can only see black & white - Is this what there seeing today ?

I sent a couple of P.M.'s out to ask if it was blurry to them also ? One reply was it looked ok - but wouldn't worry about it - I also got a reply from our resident Pro picture taker - He said it's hard to get a sharp photo with poor lighting - again - that made me " Think " , is that the way they really see it ?

Alan and I had a great talk and when we were done - our opinion was that they can tell the difference in colors - no matter what the Big wheels say - For example - here we have green balls , blue balls and hot pink balls - they always go for the hot pink balls , followed by the green and if the only ones they can find - is the blue balls , they will settle for them - but not until they hunted around for the pink ones .

So - Just was wondering -- What do you all think ? B & W OR color ?

Have a great day !


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