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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
Just saw the pictures of that screw--I've occasionally watched our vet who does most of the orthopedic stuff at the clinic--it's unnerving to watch her screw screws into some dog--and just as unnerving when they take them out. And they aren't as big as the one they bent in you.

Orthopedic surgery is barbaric! I havenít been able to see the surgical site, since itís still bandaged, but itís still very swollen and firm. I have a sneaky suspicion thereís two incisions based on the swelling...I know there were some complications but not sure why theyíd need to cut me in two different spots.

Iím really proud of Rizzo, sheís been quite calm this weekend, happily spending most of the day on the couch with me, Even with the beautiful weather we had this weekend! Sully has been a very good boy too, but couch snuggles are is second favorite thing to do.... eating is first!

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