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Good advice Lady Di and everyone else who thought leaving it open and alone except for cleaning (and warm soapy water works well.

With abscesses covering them or closing them off in any way can lead to further infection--if there is anything left after the original abscess was drained if covered you can start up a nasty anaerobic infection.

Clean and dry is the best thing for post drainage of abscesses.

You'd be very surprised at what can heal up and leave no trace of a scar and all the hair will grow back--doesn't always happen but often it does. When I got Toad and I took down his posts to repost on the outside of one ear and oval shaped chunk of skin and hair came off with the tape. Ugh--I looked at it and told Toad that he was just gonna' have a bald spot--I taped around the spot for several weeks and was shocked to see that where it had scabbed and scab fell off leaving bare skin that I could see hair starting to grow. The hair was just a little thinner there but if you didn't know you probably wouldn't even notice.

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