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Thanks Di ! Just had time this morning to watch this , Would be a good video for first time dog owners . I do agree with her that the mental challenge is tiring for them . Over the years - we always do some kind on mental work - with Kasia - it was just simply putting one of her balls in a tube type sock and I would tie the sock so the ball would not fall out - that gay would take her paws and hold that sock and use her teeth and untie the sock - lol - We had many friend that saw her do this and would ask - Why don't she just chew threw the sock and get it ? Well - that was good question - but I think the real reason was she was very smart - She sat there and watched me put the ball in the sock - her thinking was the only way for the ball to come out was by the way it went in - At first - I just used a simple one tie and when she got that down and breezed threw that I did a double knot - not tight ! then she got that down - she made it up to a simple 3 knot , lose tie - lol Then she would go take a nap : ))

Ali never like that game - her fun is when I take Kadin out to do OB work - she is not on a lead - yet , she will walk along side as though she is - Kadin on my left - Ali on my right - I have Kadin sit - she sits too - what ever we do she does along with us - Wife said it is so cute to watch do this .

Dog parks ? I think of them like going to the Vets office ! Most at the Vets office are untrained - lap dogs - When were there - most on a long lead - People not paying any attention - and a dog park is - dogs just running around - really unsupervised . To me ? It's a train wreck looking for a place to happen .

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