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Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
Lots of truth in your article Meadowcat - I have found out that when I take Mr. B to say - Rural King or Tractor Supply - Lots of people walk up with there kids and start talking about Mr. B , then in 2 seconds , they ask if the kids can pet him - I say I really don't want them to - I get a chitty look and they grab there kids and leave - One way I handle that now is - I say No - he is in distraction training - they look at me and then ask - is it ok to talk to you ? which I say sure . They ask all the questions about him and all the time , Mr. B is just sitting there - looking around some - but never moving , When there done - they reply on how good he is doing - I like this approach better than getting the bad look .

Also - the only problem I have had with Mr. B - is to getting him to turn off the other dogs , Like Mocha and TN - This is harder than one would think to cure - But in time and lots of work - they get it .

Thanks MC
I usually tell people no he/she is working right now but thanks for asking...I like your “distraction training” though, I’m going to have to use this!
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