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It's been years since I posted a MinPin ear but we just used a post like a Dobe post and and basically posted the ear just like a Dobe ear.

The is a Canadian lady I know who had Dobe and Pins and I've lost her e-mail address but she's on the Doberman Ear Posting list (which is accessed via facebook) and I need to go to the library to get stuff like that to load for me. I was planning to go today anyway and I''ll try to get her e-mail address for you.

Hockey tape is a sports tape similar to the Zonas or Johnson & Johnson Coach Sports tape but rather stickier and thicker so I'd find Zonas or the J & J Coach Sports tape if you want to try this. For the Pin most of the people knew made posts out of tightly rolled paper towels because commercially there was nothing small enough to fit in a Pin ear. There should be some directions on how to post with paper towel hand made posts. I used the cheapest paper towels I could find because they are a little thicker and stiffer. I'd take one paper towel (1/2 of on paper towel for a Pin and roll is very tightly, and when it was as large in diameter to still fit in the bottom of the ear canal (past the 'popcorn') I'd trim off the excess towel and wrap it with Zonas tape and back wrap with the sticky side out--remember to make the post small enough that you'll still be able to put two thicknesses of tap on it.

After that it's basically the same as a Dobe posting. Insert the post as deep into the ear as possible, twisting it to seat it at the bottom of the ear--below the 'popcorn'.

Tape the bottom of the ear first pulling the ear up and keeping it seated in the ear--press it on the inside of the ear so it's stuck and start the first tape wrap by sticking the tape to the taped post is far down in the ear as you can get it. Wrap this up and around the back of the ear letting the little skin flap lay against the ear--when you get the tape to the back of the ear angle it down so you can pull the back of the ear around a little to narrow the opening between the front and back of the ear and stick that tape on the post where you started it. Posting that way will prevent the post from popping out of the ear. If the ears tip in when she's very alert it means there is a pocket but not an extreme on and if you look around you'll find a whole lot of Pin's with ears that do that and/or lay flat on the tops of their heads when they get excited.

The rest of the posting goes exactly like a Dobes ear but on a smaller scale. My experience with ears like that is that with conventional posting one or two postings will take care of that slight tip in. The last Pin I posted was years ago and he had an ear that had a bad pocket in one ear and it laid flat on the top of his head.

With Pin's, as small as they are the technique that is being used on some of the very narrow long show crops is to use a glued in stiff tie wrap. One of the members here (MeadowCat) has a bitch who has a crop like that and could probably shed more light on that process--and you might look in the stickies in the Ear Cropping subsection under Puppies I think--I can't remember if we've got pictures of that technique or not--I know there are a couple of sites on the web that have pictures to show the process.

Good luck and I'll try and get the name of the Canadian woman for you--if you are a member of that Face Book groups-- think it's something like Ear Posting the Original Way--and she's had some pictures up of Pins that she's posting now.


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