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I would say most people around here are respectful of our space, Dobermans aren’t very common so they usually give us a wide birth. We doo have adults and children who will ask to pet our dogs, I evaluate the my dogs seem relaxed? Are the children calm or rambunctious? And decide accordingly if I will allow the interaction and I have no problem saying no. I also teach my dogs that it is not okay for them to rush up on people and greet them, I expect them to remain calm by my side while I am interacting with someone and only if I give them the say hello command are they to approach. Sully knows this well, Rizzo is still learning.

I remember one time I was at Lowe’s with them and I was talking to an employee, she wanted to pet, I said ok and allowed the dogs to approach. There was another lady near, looking at something on the shelf with her back to us. Sully forgot his manners and stretched his head over towards her and sniffed her. She turned around and freaked out and tried to climb up the shelf, she was terrified of dogs and I felt like a complete jerk. I apologized profusely and told her he knew better but got excited and forgot. She was understanding, but still visibly frightened.
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