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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
Hey Denny,

Even though I'm a pretty big fan of berber carpeting I have to disagree with Beau67 about that as a good choice for you. Carpet specialists will tell you that any household with cat will have problems with it--even if you are keeping their nails short just walking through berber they tend to catch individual strands of carpet and pull it up--you can keep trimming off the threads that they pull of course but it still tends to show up over time as irregularities and makes the carpet look worn before its time.

I'd suggest you talk to a good carpet dealer (even if you find a different place to buy the carpet for a discount) and ask what they would recommend considering you have both cats and dogs (and people) living in the house.

I know they'd all recommend that you don't use any carpet in the coop or use the newly carpeted house to keep chickies in a varmint proof area.


Good Morning, Aunt B!

Thank you for this information!

You get a triple like for disagreeing with Beau!

70 degrees and windy as hell today!

Morning all Peeps!
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