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Originally Posted by dobebug View Post
Amazing--I miss one day on the CT and there are around 100 new posts to catch up--I give up...

Portland weather--can't match the temperatures for Mel but it's definitely cold her--26 degrees when I got up at 6:00 ish am. And just saw a forecast that said we were now at 31 degrees. Bright sun, blue skies--and east wind--that's what's keeping it so cold. But there is hope--the forecaster also said we should warm up to what passes for normal soon (we've been around 1o degrees lower than normal for most of February. Paying for the warm January.

LOL! you won't catch me going to see a film on climbing--I really only like mountains at a distance--I love Mt Hood gracing th3e view east in Portland--it's really the quintessential mountain--in shape and size as well as having snow at least at the very top all year. Spectacular on sunney winter days like today.

I'm not claustrophobic, I'm not fond of bridges (fortunately since I've lived a bunch of places that had bridges--Seattle, Portland--the left hand one, Sacramento--those three you can't get away from a bringe--big rivers in all of them.

But when it comes to actual fear of heights--I don't know--I used to refinish (varnish) sailboat masts--they ranged from 30 feet to an 80 footer on a 12 Meter--but doing that you are in a boatswains (bosun's) chair --firmly enclosed and fastened into it--you couldn't fall out even if you were upside down. And on big masts you generally have a tender to make sure you don't get stuck many feet above the deck because something bad happened to the lines in the block and tackle you are going up and coming down on.

But standing on things like observation platforms to look far, far down is not my idea of fun--I don't even really like glass walled elevators (or any elevato4rs but I'm not longer willing to walk up or down 22 floors just to not have to deal with an elevator.

I don't like flying--my technique is to sleep through flights--but it's not so much fear as the fact that I spent my childhood being motion sick on anything that moved.

And I don't like cold weather and I'm definitely sick of this winter--how many days until spring Denny?

Auntie Bug who is crabby this morning...
15 Aunt B. That doesn't mean Mother Nature won't jack with us.

We are going to get through this!

I am also anxious for Spring, so I can stop buying as many absurdly priced bales of hay.
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