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Originally Posted by spocksdad View Post
FYI for Raw Feeders- Pet Partners (Spock's registration) therapy dog requirements don't allow evaluation or registration of any pet on a raw protein diet within last 4 weeks prior. Besides raw meats, this includes pig ears, raw bones and eggs due to risk of transfer of diseases to clients.

Here is link to Pet Partner's Handler's Guide in PDF that can be downloaded, if you want to check out diet requirements yourselves (pg. 51):

Aggression Requirements
that might affect Dobe owners that train (or want to train) in Schutzhund protection dog training (quote from pg. 50):

Animals that have a history of aggression toward people or other animals arenít
eligible to participate. Examples of aggression include growling, lunging, biting
and causing seriously injury. This includes animals who have ever seriously
injured or killed another companion animal.
Animals that have been encouraged or trained to bite ó even as part of dog
sports such as Schutzhund ó arenít eligible for registration. Although many
dogs that have been trained for bite-work are under very good control, they
present a risk that the Therapy Animal Program simply canít afford to take."

Just some points to think about if you have a Dobe (like Spock) who has the temperament for Therapy Dog work....

Good thing that Sugar will not be a therapy dog because I would not change my feeding choice. I read and respect their blurb on raw feeding but the irony is that most mainstream vet clinics disagree with raw feeding for various reasons. The clinic I go to subscribes to this notion but luckily the particular vet Coco had and Sugar will be seeing today, sees the benefit of raw feeding.

There are pros and cons of both raw feeding and kibble. As well as multiple studies for and against either method. We just have to feed what seems to be best for our lovies.

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