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Originally Posted by 4x4bike ped View Post
LOL Beau...

When I was a kid in Southern Michigan, tobogganing and sledding were daily events during the winter. The amount of snow we got was ridiculous.

So... My father had a Simplicity tractor. He would put wheel weights and chains on it. (Mostly so he could plow our very long and steep driveways) When we came down the steep, long hill he would rope us up and pull us to the top.

I still have the Flexible Flyer that we used in the 60's. It is a 3 person sled. Made by the farm equipment manufacturer Planet Junior. I also have my mother's sled from the 20's that I used as a kid. It was rebuilt 60 years ago by a nice neighbor. It is not safe to use as the rear runners are not recurve, so a loose sled running backwards down hill was basically 2 daggers looking for a victim. Ugh!

Occasionally, he would tow 5 or 6 of our sleds two miles to our local pharmacy for hot chocolate!

What fun.


Now this is what I am talking about..........sled talk.....a great father .....and a tractor........and lots of fun fun fun........its all in the way you look at things SP.....
Way to go stories from childhood about SP friendly suggestion for you today ...look For the good in things .......surround yourself with positive energy. Then all that negative traffic in your mind.......take a deep breath.....and then exhale and let it all go...................thanks Diane ....your welcome ! I do not mind helping those that want to help themselves become more relaxed ......It’s just in my nature to help people who are stressed over no spring, no barns, no JD, bad drivers, etc etc.........
Diane ...your the best....
Yeah...I know.........


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