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Originally Posted by LadyDi View Post
Spock.....I did not notice the post 15,000.......maybe I win a prize ? Let's see I think the prize should be own swim spa! Went to the Doc yesterday she told me I need to lose 25 lbs in 6 months. So.......anyone want to go on a healthy diet with me ...

LD- Yeah, I'll do it with you. I once lost (20) lbs. in 2+ weeks on the Sardine diet/fast about 6 years ago. I need to do it again for annual physical next month.

Had to go to union annual physical in SF which was also USCG physical for license. Main meal at noon consisting of (1) can of sardines in spring water with chopped onions and jalapeno peppers and either hot mustard or Horseradish sauce. (makes eating very slow) Only other food during day was some liquid fruit juices and occasional veggie mix with Thai spices (again, makes you eat slowly) Cut out all breads, starches and sweets....

How does that sound to you.....??

Ten Doberman Rules
Poke Everything.
It's New? Bark At It.
Moves? Chase It.
Doesn't Move? Smell It.
Liquid? Spill and Dribble It.
Treat or Food? Wolf It Down.
Not Food? Chew It Slowly, Be Quiet & Hide From Human.
A Toy? Shred & Destroy It.
Stuffed? De-Stuff It.
Bites You Back? Wrestle It!

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