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Originally Posted by Moos View Post
You don't think this exclusivity creates an unnecessary barrier and ultimately a market for the BYB's? I didn't write the standard, and I certainly don't get it. It just baffles me that folks would hold so strongly to something that wasn't natural or inherent to the animal.
I have to agree with Mary, if "this exclusivity" as you refer to it, creates a barrier and drives a person to BYBs, then that person's priorities aren't where they should be. Health, Longevity and Temperament should be ones priorities. In my opinion.

Additionally, we aren't losing out on great homes because we stick to our guns and crop our puppies, we have perhaps even greater homes with persons and families that are all about health, longevity and temperament. In any case, we all have a hefty waiting list, of well vetted excellent homes.

I, as most, breed for myself, at the time puppies are cropped, I rarely know who is staying, who goes to a show home and who goes to a companion home. So..... they are all cropped.

I can understand your frustration of not finding what you want, when you want, but I don't understand why ears would be of higher importance than health, longevity and temperament. But then, I don't understand why some pet people are stuck on a particular color or sex, at the sake of the more important health, longevity and temperament, either.

I wish you luck finding the puppy you are looking for.

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