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Hi Chesa,

Have you ever tried Ace on a more ordinary kibble? Like one that isn't grain free? Occasionally just out of curiosity when something new comes on the market that everyone swears is better than ANYTHING I try stuff even though I've had such good luck with the ProPlan products they are basically my good to choice--but I have occasionally had a dog along the line that needed something different.

If you actually think this is a food allergy (food allergies are actually pretty rare but they do occur) what you might want to do is to either start out with having Ace seen by a dermatologist/allergist. Tracking an actual food allergy is a fairly infolved process and many dermatologists are now starting by feeding the dog with suspected allergies with on of the fully hydrolyzed kibbles. They are all prescription Hills is ZD, Royal Canin is HP and Purina's is HA. But both all the vegetable and animal protein is fully hydrolyzed into short protein length's which the pet's body doesn't identify as something it is allergic/sensitive to.

It eliminates going through months of novel protein foods (like Kangaroo and Oat just as a for instance) only to have it turn out the dogs problem is with the white potato which is often the carb source for non grain formulas.

I've had some experience but this is really all just personal experience not from any sort of extensive study. I found (one two separate occasions) when I tried grain free formulas that the only dog I had who could eat any grain free formula was my Australian Shepherd. One of the tries I also had three adult Dobes--two of them had constant diarrhea on that grain free food. The Aussie and the other Dobe were fine with it but it basically was no better than the ProPlan that they were eating before (and again after) Several years later I tried a different grain free kibble . Two Dobes and the same Aussie and two different Dobes were the test cases--the Aussie was fine but he didn't really like it much--ate it reluctantly and was glad to go back to the ProPlan and one of the Dobes had diarrhea--and didn't have a normal stool until we went back to ProPlan. The third Dobe said it was OK but would have preferred something else--that food just didn't seem very palatable.

Sometimes it isn't the meat protein that a dog is reacting to at all but some of the other minor ingredients and treat are fairly frequently likely to have odd ingredients along with chicken.

And just recently I had a conversion with my dogs cardiogist about foods--grain free etc and she said the studies just recent that started looking a cases of non-genetic DCM that have been showing up in dogs (unlike Dobermans) who do not usually have large numbers of cardio dogs caused vets to take another look at what we are feeding and why and what we should probably be feeding because of some issues that have recently shown up that appear to be food relate.

She said it's probably a good idea with dogs that have any issues that might be food related to make sure you are feeding a midrange food with very ordinary ingredients. These have years of proof that dogs do reasonably well on them. She also said that probably the foods that come from the bigger companies are actually more likely to be better than some of the products from smaller companies with odd or unusual ingredients which have never really had much of a background of any sort in the diet the average dog.

Just some stuff that has been coming up lately with respect to dog diets that you might want to consider when chosing a new diet for Ace.
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