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The AKC has this to say about similar laws: Of course, the AKC is just interested in registering dogs, the more "purebreds" the merrier, and can advocate bad breeding practices themselves, but one point is made here--some of these laws are framed in such a way that decent breeders are affected too--it's often in the fine print.

It seems to me that, as with just about all regulations, the responsible folks get caught by a lot of these laws, and the really bad ones just skate by and find another way to do what they want to do. A lot of states already have laws about puppy mills and bad breeding practices, but it does't seem to make much of a difference. The state doesn't fund the personnel they need to police their regulations, and the rules are often too vague to apply, anyway. What do you do about the skinny dog on a chain in the backyard next to yours? He has a dish of food thrown at him from time to time and a water dish that is more or less kept filled; he has a shelter of some sort--that's all the law requires. And places like Kimbertal--bad breeders, we all know, but they find a way to pass their inspections, (mostly) and they make money--there may be a tax reward that keeps the state from shutting them down?

I'm wondering if anyone seems like California was discussing some kind of state-wide legislation a few years ago that dog show folks said would really affect their ability or desire to enter shows in that state. I don't remember anything about what it said, or if it got passed. Does that ring a bell with anyone??

I'm thinking a lot of education about puppy-mills and bad breeders aimed at ordinary pet owners may be a better way to go. But there is always the impulse or thoughtless buyer who won't listen to anything that is said, and the guy who doesn't want to spend the money that those "avaricious" breeders charge for their puppies (you know, the ones who test for health problems and make sure their puppies have an enriched environment? The ones who spend beaucoup money to title their dogs?) And there are always things the bad guys can do to "explain" their puppy-sales--"the litter was an accident; I'm planning on fixing the female so it won't happen again." Call me a cynic, but yeah sure.......

It's always a problem with these to fine tune them so that bad breeding practices and sales are stopped, yet the good breeders aren't so over-regulated that they just quit trying to keep a kennel going.

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