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I've had mostly Dobermans since 1959--all of them came from show line breeders, all were very smart dogs and easily trained and all of my later (post 1993) dogs have had at least minimal training and had/have titles in Obedience, Rally, Agility as well AKC championships.

If you are interested in training a dog to high levels of obedience (on and off leash) you will probably find the limitations on training for anything with a Doberman will be more due to your willingness (or not) to invest the time and energy necessary to train for high levels of anything.

I had none of them trained as personal protection dogs--I never had to--all, without exception (even the very friendliest of them) were either a sufficient deterrent (by looks alone) and perceptive enough to make it obvious that anyone with bad intentios would have to come through them to get to me.

The downsides that Greenkouki listed are all too real--and the suggestions of what to do intead of training a dog for personal protection are excellent. Just the fact that most insurance companies (with the possible exception of Lloyds of London--who will probably insure anything if you are willing to pay the rates) will NOT insure a personal protection trained dog.

Good luck on your search.

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