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Originally Posted by -AlphaDobie- View Post
Thank you Hilary and Cressrb for your kind words. Hilary, the mixed emotions of what you're describing is exactly how we're all feeling. It's only been two and a half weeks but it has seemed like an eternity. I actually read your original post from August about Remy and it's like you were saying exactly how we're feeling right now. The inability to eat, sleep and the pain of a clenching heart has really blurred the difference between emotional and physical pain. The guilt and endless questions of how and why this happened to Alpha will also haunt me for the rest of our lives.

I apologize for hijacking this post as this is a happy thread. I'm so glad you and your family has found Bulleit! Please do keep us all updated on your new pup. I'm not sure how active we'll be on this forum now that Alpha is gone. We were just browsing to research if anyone else has been through something similar to what we went through with Alpha. Thanks again for all your support. Hopefully one day, we'll be able to move past our pain and possibly welcome another dobie into our family.
Oh please do not apologize!! This forum, and the many beloved members here, were such a source of strength and encouragement to me during one of the darkest, most miserable times in my life. Nothing would please me more than to be able to pay it back in some small way by encouraging another who is going thru the same feelings of despair.

If you haven't already, please post a new thread to tell all about your experience with Alpha. A new thread may get more looks based on the title than this one will, and hopefully draw out others who may have gone thru something similar to you.

And you would not be the only dobe-less member here, so please stick around! Even if you don't get another dobe, this forum is one of the best out there for dog-related topics.

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