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Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
BTW - My above post was a joke !

Ken, you forgot to include the standard DT Post Disclaimer after your joke, even on the chicken thread...

"Thread posting by this Member on Doberman Talk forum that might engage in Sarcasm, Parody, Humor, Light Hearted Kidding, Memes, GIFs or Dog Shaming are solely his/her own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Doberman Talk administrators or other members. Member posting is not meant to Besmirch, Demean, Criticize or Sadden any forum reader, family or their pets, whether they be Doberman, pure or mixed breeds. If you feel that you might have been offended, humiliated or bullied by said posting, please call the following number for counseling: 1-888-SNO-FLAKE (Please note Cats are exempted from this disclaimer).

Ten Doberman Rules
Poke Everything.
It's New? Bark At It.
Moves? Chase It.
Doesn't Move? Smell It.
Liquid? Spill and Dribble It.
Treat or Food? Wolf It Down.
Not Food? Chew It Slowly, Be Quiet & Hide From Human.
A Toy? Shred & Destroy It.
Stuffed? De-Stuff It.
Bites You Back? Wrestle It!
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