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2 days in and I feel like I won the flipping lottery with this boy.

He is the cuddliest, most affectionate lover-boy. He’s already mastered the doggie door, having no experience with one before. He happily lets himself in/out for his business. He seems to genuinely enjoy the cats hanging on him, without a bit of prey drive. No reactive behaviors, no food aggression, sleeps peacefully all night. He’s still crated at night, but happily so. He’s just made himself right at home!

The only thing weird is he seems to be absolutely terrified of the leash. He runs, hides, goes limp - just petrified. I took out a measuring tape yesterday for his new sweater order and he ran for the hills. Even something remotely leash-like scares him. So who knows what that’s all about. I don’t know much about his previous owners or experience, his breeder was lucky to just get him returned as it was a bit of a fight. I can’t imagine anyone being rough with him, he is such a gentle soul.

In any case, he’ll learn soon enough that leash = fun times!

Still working on names. Hubby wants something Bourbon related. Remy was named after a Cognac. We’ll see where it leads...


Oliver the cat deciding the crate was his:

Other kid enjoying new pup (he came with a bit of a scrape on his nose, hence the cream):

mama's grrrl

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