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Sorta a nomenclature thing....BUN is an abbreviation for Blood Urea Nitrogen.

In urine, you can look at protein levels as well as for signs of blood to tell you how the kidneys are doing (and for signs of infection), also check to see if the kidneys are concentrating the urine properly, and examine it microscopically for strange stuff. You can look for problems with the liver and with glucose metabolism (diabetes type things), too.

Testing for SDMA, especially in veterinary use, is later than my time as a lab person (which was many many many years ago). Apparently it hasn't been commercially available for veterinary use for long. But looking at reports, it does seem to show up as abnormal earlier than elevated creatinine and BUN levels so you can catch kidney problems earlier, and apparently is not affected as much by factors like age and condition of the pet.

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