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Yeah, trying to figure out what numbers on panels mean is tough enough but it's worse when you don't have all the information.

Be careful of going by what you find on line when it comes to Chem panels--you need to know what lab produced the results and specifically what their reference range is for a given result.

Here's an example--in the US one of the common big labs I IDEXX--at present we are using IDEXX for almost everything but when I started working there we used another big lab--Antech--so if I am looking back in records to compare some numbers for different dog I have to remember to check which lab was doing the testing.

Here's BUN and Creatineine for Toad when he was 6 years and 10 months--results from IDEXX

BUN Reference range 7 - 27 mg/dl Results 16
Creatinine Reference range 0.4 - 1.8 mg/dl Results 1.0

Both of these results area right about mid range for normal function. That's what a reference range is--the range where most normal values for what ever is being measured will fall.

Too soon to panic--but since you are taking in a urine sample tomorrow morning one of the tech's should be able to look at the results and either show you the paper work, make you a copy of it to take home or tell you what the numbers are both for her results and the reference range.
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