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There's something weird about your numbers.....a normal range of 4-10 for blood creatinine is not reported anywhere that I can find. So either you heard the numbers your vet gave you incorrectly, or maybe she was talking about the results for a different test.

Some countries do use different units to report lab results (like the different numbers you would get reporting a measurement in inches vs centimeters), so you may be comparing apples to oranges when you say the top end of normal you see online for creatinine is 1.0, and your dog's value is 11.5. Her results may not be as far above normal as those numbers look.

If you're totally worried about what is going on, you could call your vet to clear up what test she was talking about and to verify the results she gave you vs the normal values.

But it looks to me like you just don't have enough information yet to figure out what may be going on. It's hard not to panic when it comes to our dogs' health, but I'd try not to over-analyze these test results and assume the worst here.

That's easy for me to say, I know. I can appreciate that Friday seems to be a long way away; been there, done that.
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