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Originally Posted by Hilary View Post
Ah, thanks you guys!!!! Itís good to hear from everybody.

We actually have a deposit down on an expected litter now. It is a breed I have been interested in for years (Pharaoh Hounds) and I have developed a relationship with the breeder after first meeting him years ago at a show. When Judy reached out to me about her dober-boy, it threw all these plans for a loop, though. I debated for a couple of weeks on whether or not to let the deposit go. Iíve run thru all the pros/cons. Weíve gone back and forth as a family. We are not even sure yet if the breeding took, so there may not even be puppies. We wonít know for another couple of weeks.

I know if I brought this boy home I would fall deeply in love with him. Heck, I know if I just go for a meet & greet Iíll fall in love with him. But I sort of had my heart set on a PH and having our hearts so severed by a dobe we werenít sure if we wanted to take on another one. Itís not rational, just feelings, which are hard to explain.

My breeder was so sad when I told her we were passing on Brooks, so Iím completely invested in finding a great home for him now. Thatís the only thing that will help me sleep at night, otherwise Iíll just torture myself.
I'm sure it's probably been posted on here many times, but I'm really new to this forum so I'm going to take a chance on repeating. One doberman is good, but in our experience, it's definitely like having one child...more is better. Dobermans are pretty high energy dogs, and our puppies have always taken easily 18 months before their brains became fully functional, they were usually bundles of fur and instinct before that. We've had two dobermans that we raised as puppies, and our second one Cayenne was sooo much happier when we got a second doberman. We went from feeling like the neurotic Weimaraner couple from the movie Best in Show obsessing over every behavior to normal dog owners because she had another outlet for her energy. She still got into just as much trouble, but there was plausible deniability because it COULD have been the second dog. Final comment: Finances may be a finite amount, but love isn't. We're back to being a two dobie household as of last week and it would just be cruel to relocate a Texan dog to Saskatchewan or we'd be asking for pics. I'll also mention that there's kijiji postings for Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta for people seeking dobermans.
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