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Oh dear. The preliminary information doesn't sound very positive. About your question why the vet didn't suggest euthanasia as well as the various alternatives. From what vets I've know over the years have told me it's ethically inappropriate to suggest to a client that euthanasia should be considered immediately.

I have had vets suggest euthanasia for pets of mine--but they were doctors I'd known for years and they were well aware of my feeling about keeping any one of my pets too long because I couldn't bear to see them go. Every one will have different opinions about this and I have a good many friends who have kept a dog or cat much longer than I would have--nursing them along through continually deteriorating quality of life.

So most vets will do what the one who saw Huckleberry did--present the options and the fact that they don't have a definite diagnosis yet and let you make a more informed decision.

That fracture would play a heavy role in a decision I made given the circumstances--mostly because the things that cause a pathological fracture are never good news and usually indicated that there is very serious bad stuff going on.

I can only tell you that in your position I would not do a palliative amputation in this case. But I know that you will be realistic and give your boy his best chance--and what ever decision you come to will be in Huckleberry's best interest.

Such hard decisions--I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Good luck to you and Huckleberry.
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