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Pulse: 90 Resp: 20 Mucous membranes: pink Capillary refill time:<2s Wt: 41.7 kg BCS 5/9
On physical exam, Huckleberry is bright, alert and responsive. His eyes, nose and ears are clear and free of debris. He appeared to be euhydrated. Peripheral lymph nodes palpated small, soft, symmetrical and freely moveable. Cardiac auscultation was unremarkable with no murmurs or arrhythmias appreciated. Femoral pulses were strong and synchronous. Normal bronchovesicular sounds were heard on lung auscultation, with no audible crackles or wheezes. Abdominal palpation was unremarkable with no masses, organomegaly, fluid waves, or pain appreciated. He was partial to non-weight bearing in the right hindlimb from distal tibia fracture with pain on direct palpation; custom fiberglass splint still in place.

To me - That sounds like a very good news ! I would have thought that if Huck's cancer had spread - something would have shown up .

RESULTS: Based on the atypical cells present on the slides, there is concern for an aggressive ‘sarcoma’ tumor. However the slides were of low cellularity with only a handful of cell clusters providing a diagnosis. Additional stains were performed but unable to further differentiate the type of sarcoma. A surgical biopsy is needed for a confirmatory diagnosis.

This concerning to me - they don't know what it is . I would ask if there is anything else that could cause the appearance of a lesion - yes - I may be grasping for straws here

ESULTS: Two pulmonary soft tissue nodules were noted; differentials include early metastatic disease or superimposition of normal structures such as end-on vessels

Oh boy ! It could be early metastatic OR Normal structures ! --- Or Normal structures ???

My thinking here - There is not enough results for me to make a decision of this magnitude - and I relies we may not always get them - yet - I am really questioning results here - I would ask about the surgery biopsy - pro's versus con's - recovery time - anything and everything --

There is always the chance they are wrong - That is what I'm praying for !

But --- If they are right - reread your post above -- you answered your question as about what to do -

Thoughts and prayers - by the tons for you and Huck

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