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These are tough dogs for sure..recently my friends dog Brutus had two issues come on at about the same time.......first...cough...then went into congestive heart failure...tons of fluid in the lungs etc....they drained him stable and on meds for the condition....he made it.....then has to deal with the front right leg.....diagnosed with bone cancer.....they opted to amputate.....the amputation was 2 weeks ago..on a Tuesday....
Surgery Tuesday.....came home next day 2 in the 4 pm same day ....used a sling to get him outside to Friday.....72 hours after surgery he was laying on the incision site......attempting to stand on his own.....although still assisted with a Sunday 5 days post op....then came the big poo......from this point on he has excelled.....the owner initially questioned himself ...but now Brutus has mastered balance with 1 front leg....and will get the stitches out in 2 days. Brutus is 7 years ....but he also had DCM against him......I was amazed that he tolerated the anesthesia like he did.....still amazed every time I go to visit him.......Brutus is pain free now with that right front leg gone.....playful as far as his heart ...still on the daily meds for that ......with plans for a few chemo treatments.
After the surgery his owner stayed with him 24 hours for a week straight He would not mess with the surgical site or attempt to do to much that might pop stitches. The owner also made sure he layed carpet all over his slick floors so post op his dog would not be on slippery surfaces. I know you might have to make other decisions ...but today I wanted to share my friends experience so you would know once they get past the initial surgery Brutus did not seem to care about his leg being gone....He just adapted and is more active than ever!
Hang in there sounds like you have some great doctors to helping you....stay in touch .......we will keep praying for you and your pup.


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