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SOFT TOY & HOME-ALONE Training Pups - by 4.5 months old or younger...starts on Day1.
- it comes with putting a name / rule / boundary, on anything that comes into a dogs mouth
- all habits good or bad, are formulated in a pups mind, in first 2 we supervise 24/7 initially

Former Amy was the easy one with SA, she was only crated for 1.5 hours max & never stopped crying, for a moment...neighbor would tell us.
- only time she stopped crying was to try and escape, the crate
- and one day she did, at 4.5 months young she successfully opened the crate door
- and to our big surprise, nothing was damaged / pups crate was setup beside a snooker table, and no wooden legs chewed
- so dad made the decision, and instructed son when he went to HS class...leave Amy free to wander, in our pool room
- she was a quick learner / and the crate was stored away...with house freedoms, her SA lessened greatly

When we got current Kelly (extreme high prey drive pup), I was wondering if we got lucky with mild Amy ...or if this was possible again, and not totally a fluke.
- at 10 weeks old, she helped Mom carry a sock or undies from the gas drier // and give them up, delivered to bedroom
- moms slippers and soft toys had Rules...if pup wants to chew soft items, it was removed momentarily
- quickly she got it / hard toys are for hard chewing, soft stuff is for holding or head shaking (LOL)
- we even give our pups a used sock, with a pro-tennis ball stuffed inside...the sock, never gets ruined

I also train pups to debark a small tree branch outside & spit out the bark / we have had a toy loose a plastic squeaker, and find it later on the floor...pup won't digest plastic or foreign objects.
- when training, my disapproval voice is the ITCH word, and pup will revert to respecting a soft toy / and avoid toy getting a "time out"

^^ Its proved to be a rather easy process...and has so many advantages, in building house manners.
- even coach blankets & pillows, never get chewed
- current Kelly has few new toys / but many good ones, handed down from former Amy's toy box

I did prove to myself, re home-alone / gentleness in soft toys / and prevent blockage surgery ($4,800 Vet bill).
If you think you can't, you won't // If you think you CAN, you WILL !!

Only negative is, Mom has to hunt for her shoe occasionally / but dad taught Kelly on mom shoes, not his own.
- the alligator is approaching 6 years old, with only a few early scars ...she was puppy trained on it & still a favorite

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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