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Originally Posted by fivedobesplus1 View Post
"Hi all, my name is Lena, I just have registered on Doberman talk, however I have been reading post about breeders for some time now, because I, like some other people, would like to get a good pup. I live and NYC and I have been researching for over 3 month (reaserch is part of my job so I am very good at it) , I have been on the websites AKC , IDC and CKC, looked into offered breeders. And I have read posts from your site on a lot of them. On my own I came to a conclusion that there is no good kennel offered by AKC in 500 mile radius of my city, now I started looking out of state and came up onto RM Dobermans, and guess what now I am reading negative thing about them as well. This was my last resort. I have concluded that on Doberman talk people just talk. Because they have something negative to say about every single breeder that I looked into, but yet when you ask them to refer you to a good breeder from their point of view, everyone is quiet. Interesting isnít it.

For people who do research we all know that Yes the breeder does need to provide you with the information and health testing on their dogs, however it is not necessary for them to put it on their website, you can email or call and ask them about it, and if you live close go visit and talk to them personally.
You will never ever get a perfect genetic material and FYI the purer the bread, the more health problems it has. And even if nor mother or father carry any genetic mutation your dog can still develop them. You have to decide what you want a dog for and take a lip of faith in this case.
I found RMD thorough a guy on Instagram, I loved how his pup has a character and perfect ear crop, he told me he got his dog from a person who gets very few pups, but the father of his pup belongs to the RMD family. I looked through all RMDs followers and photos on Instagram , and guess what all her pups have charisma and character which made me consider emailing her, and I am currently talking and following to other people who got pups from her or whoever she refers them too, and it seems that everyone is happy.

So, ether provide us with a good and proper info regarding a good breeders, or stop talking **** just based on your observation, and limited conclusions.

Good luck to all trying to become an owner of a wonderful breed."
Thank you for understanding forum politics, and I encourage a phone call from you anytime for a chat.
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