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Every dog I've had has been crate trained. From the first one (1959) primarily because they have all been show prospects and there are lots of times when you simply can't leave a puppy, away from home loose--in vehicles if you are traveling with someone--the dogs need to be crated for their safety, in hotel and motel rooms, in other peoples homes etc.

But in the course of showing dogs for many year I've run into a few dogs who were not and could not be crate trained. For some of these dogs what worked was confining them to a ex-pen (exercise pen) which will accomplish the same thing as crate but sees to the dog to be less of an imprisonment issue.

Ex-pens are a little more expensive than a wire crate and you do have to figure out a way to fasten at least two of the sides so that the dog can't knock the pen down escape but a couple of people actually found that getting a couple of extra panels for the pen and putting a small crate (Vari-kennel type or wire) in the pen and putting a really comfortable bed in the crate actually ended up with a dog who taught himself to spend time quietly in the crate (they took the door off the crate initially, after a couple of months they put the door back on but fastened it open and later if they happened to find the dog asleep in the crate they'd shut the door but leave it unlatched.)

I can't have just been lucky with all my puppies but they all start out being crated at night and I have that crate beside my bed. The noisiest puppy I ever had screamed his head off for half of the 4 hour ride from the show grounds, where I picked him up, to home--he was 3 months--half way home (he was crated in the back of a van beside another dog) he wore out and fell asleep. When I put him in the crate that night he whined a few times and moaned a few times but was still out like a light when the cats and adult dogs got up for breakfast at 5:30.

Good luck. Persistence pays as does silence and being unresponsive to screaming.

Buy ear plugs for the day sleeper <grin>
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