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Our pups usually scream and whine & barks in a crate too (nonstop), that's why I train for a no crates & baby a crate free home (that's not even puppy proofed).
New pup adheres to our life style, not the other way around.

- I thought it was shear luck, on former Amy (easy pup) with separation anxiety for a family member, could have free roam/home [email protected] 4.5 months young supervised
- puppy #3 was independent, & was against a crate on reno. job site, once out of Dads sight line
- she was high in drive and a hand full, but also very successful left home alone, at similar 4.5 months young

I find my approach, for going crate free (from day1), sets up much early puppy success.
- requires constant supervision & direction towards pup / only first few months

Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
Welcome to DT doc.

Personally, by 4.5 months young...
- I have successfully trained our last 2 girl, to be "home alone" unsupervised on a leather sofa in the living room
- when we get a 10 week old fur-baby, this dad teaches puppy >> toy rules of conduct
- soft toys are treated with respect / hard toys are for chewing
- so quickly, our pups have learned to not chew pillows, sofa blankets, oak coffee table, etc.
- I even teach pup, how to debark a tree branch and spit out the bark / I train to eliminate "obstruction surgery" at a very young age
- I start in week1 home and start testing "home alone" at 3 months old
- in 2 > to 5 > to 10 > 15 > 30 > 45 > 60 minute intervals
- developing early house manners in puppy, was the Key to unsupervised success later on
- its all about / providing necessary rules, expectations & boundaries on human belongings/furnishings
- and our 10 week old girls, learn this before bad-destructive habits set in
Originally Posted by Beaumont67 View Post
What are the signs of puppy separation anxiety?
- Excessive barking or howling.
- Destructive acts, such as chewing furniture and frantic scratching at doors or windows.
- Indoor “accidents”—urinating or defecting in the house.
- Excessive salivation, drooling, or panting.
- Intense pacing.
- If confined, prolonged attempts to escape.

There is a difference between puppy SA and adult separation anxiety.
- in that some dogs out grow SA, as they mature
- some can be blanket or pillow suckers / without hurting anything
- others suck their flank, like a big baby

Our 1st pup in 1977 chewed the fabric off our love seat springs / so confined when we went to work, till one year old.

Our last 2 pups were perfect home-alone, from 4.5 months young / YES, this is not a typing error.
- yes, I thought the year 2000 girl, was a fluke
- because she respected house freedoms quickly
- and fought to escape here crate or cry non-stop (for a few hours straight)
- she ended up being a flank sucker / but leather furniture was never in better hands
- she learned to peacefully wait for someone to come home
- resting in a sofa, listening to CNN

While I analysed puppy #2 perfectness, to maybe pure luck / I made a concerted effort to train for total unsupervised freedoms, starting at 10 weeks old...with our 3rd puppy (this one rambunctious, with high prey drive) and no crate was even setup at home.
- it starts with understanding soft toys and stuffies, have respect rules attached
- destroying them, is NEVER allowed / early bad habits are nipped, in the butt
- at 3.5 months old, Kelly stayed in my truck (not hot out), without wrecking the interior
- while dad was in Home depot and getting paint formulated, for a whole hour
- I also tested her by going to garage or outside...for 5 minutes & leaving her behind
- 5 minutes / next a 10 min test / and 15 and 30 and 45 and 60 proof
- always re-entering home, and finding it "the way I left it" / but started with focused training, from day1

^^ If you don't puppy train early, for specific manners in toy play / puppies can't be given, hours of unsupervised freedoms.
- every toy here has rules and boundaries attached / some are for hard chewing, others are for soft holding
- its amazing, how quickly the young pup can learn / what toy play is appropriate, on each item
- even bring home a 9-10 week old puppy / we don't even puppy proof our home, no crate and no gates needed
- with 100% supervision, most times 24/7

------------Kelly & (Amy - RIP @ 11.7 y/o)

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