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[QUOTE=LadyDi;4041065]Congrats on your baby!

i+nCrates can take some getting used to.....when you think about it from a puppies perspective it is so different from what they have experience in their recent past.
When we first brought Hoss home he also howled so sadly when placed in his seemed no matter what I did ....treats etc....he still cried and wanted to be out of the crate. We could not be home with him all the time so we had a need for the crate to prevent Hoss from hurting himself.
Each day we went to work and crated him .......he cried........but within 2 months it became a routine for Hoss.
The hardest thing for me was "to be quiet" and not respond to crying.
Taking a very matter of fact approach ooohs and ahhs.....poor baby we will be home soon...etc etc. that kind of thing ......We moved his crate closer so he could see us versus a different room.......and stuffed frozen treats into his Kong toy. And that was the only time he got this stuffed
Thank you! I make absolute sure no "fussing" leaving or coming home. A quick hello, good girl if no crate accidents and right outside to pee. by that time she is calmer. I do let her have safe bone toys to chew but will try stuffing a kong! Im good with no yelling cause Im not home lol, and shes fine in crate if im right there. shes smart ( Like they all are lol) so I guess I have to have more patience. Yes family wants to just gate her but there is TOO much she can get into & get hurt (lamps, wires, etc). Its been 6 yrs since last pup & she was fine in crate from start. Again, it was only small amounts of time. BTW, did you stuff kong with peanut butter? Shes only little over 3 months and NO table food....
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