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Originally Posted by sandy2233 View Post
When I brought SE home from Park City, she didn't shut up until we got to Brule, Nebr. And that's when her batteries ran down. LOL. My friend that was riding with me told me that if she had been a human baby, I would have taken her to Lincoln to get on a bus. She never got comfortable in an airline kennel. I switched to a wire crate and she was so much better. But she was in an airline kennel for a long time. She dug so much on the crate door, she bowed it out. Scratched the kennel terribly. But she was probably over 2 when I started using the wire crate. Had to zip tie the doors but it has held. I wouldn't use a wire crate until most destructive behavior is done. But the best thing you can do is suck it up. DO NOT reward her by telling her to shut up or by giving in to her screaming. It will just prolong the screaming. And a tired puppy is the best thing for crates.
my little girl slept most of way home, but drooled a river! lol. I ignore her till she gets quiet, but usually JUST as I enter the room she whines... grrrr. The problem I have is not waiting her out, its a family member that is sleeping because they work an overnite shift. the barking/screaming wakens them.... I feel awful as NO one wants to work an 8 hr shift on no sleep. (Its usually crate 1 or 2 times a week, and rest of time shes with me.) She will sometimes go in crate to just sit for a minute or two. I praise her ALOT for "sitting quiet in crate"!! I think she might be getting the hang of it but if I go to another room she barks also. (she isnt even in crate, just behind gate)
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