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Originally Posted by greenkouki View Post
Thank you for wishing us luck. I don't like to make excuses but the shows where "nothing happened" were judged by new or political judges that made some interesting picks. There are a few shows after the national with favorable judges so that should make up for it!

I know he's doing really well in the ring and I'm excited and hoping that he may place in his class in one of the 5 shows in Chicago. He is entered in the futurity/6-9 classes for everything. Funny you ask about his age though because he will be 9 months Oct. 12 (the last day of the National) which seems like good luck to me!
LOL, I asked because the regulation for multiday shows, like specialties about exactly how you determine which class to put them in are fairly complex and I remembered that he was sort of on the cusp for eligibity for the National classes (or at least I thought he was).

I've been very lucky with some of my puppies at the National--I fought tooth and nail with Michelle Santana about sending one of mine to the National (it was in Minnesota that year) didn't want to do it she leaned on my breeder (the sire of the litter was one of her dogs) so the breeder took him back and Michelle showed him in Futurity in 6-9 Black Puppy Dogs and went 1st in a class of 31 and in regular 6-9 Black Puppy Dog which had an even bigger entry and went first in that class too.

But even a class win at either the National or the regional is a big deal and 6-9 classes are always big.

Toad did well at his National. Went first in all of his 9-12 classes except for the class that a breeder judge, Jane Kay (KayHills kennels) judged. We would have never entered him under Jane since it was common knowledge that she firmly believed that Dobermans came in only two colors Black and Red and there was no way she was going to consider a fawn. But he was there and so we put him in--she was being loud at the ring entrance and saying "Where are my red dogs?" and ignoring Michelle who was standing in the ring entrence waiting to go in--Michelle said "If you get out of the way I'll bring your fawn dog in now..." He went third in the class.

Mostly you and Hugo should have lots of fun--Nationals are pretty amazing experiences.
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