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Acro, such an interesting post and varied responses. I can relate first-hand on several levels with you. I've had two total knee replacements, plus lost my female dobe to DCM very suddenly in mid May, she was 7 1/2 years old. Also, I've got you by a few years, as does my husband, and we were devastated at our dobie loss, but both of us knew we wanted another dob for sure, and asap. Oh, I should add, we have a female dob, age 3 years, and we felt she missed her buddy too. Question(s) were, rescue or breeder, male or female, puppy, or older, more mature dog. We posed a lot of questions and did a lot of research and seriously wondered if we were too old to get another dob, or a puppy. So, can relate to much of the stuff you've gone through. Anyway, we drove 5,000 kilometers in total, visiting shelters, and rescues, in hopes of finding another dob for our family and letting our female dob "pick her buddy". It was an interesting experience. None of the mature males we saw, perhaps a dozen, were a good match. Then we contacted breeders, made another long road trip, and came home with a four-month old female who is so perfect in every respect, and such a fabulous addition to our pack. We are completely delighted with our choice and feel so fortunate. In short, we said good-bye to Bonita and a month later added Olivia to our family.

We are retired, dedicated to our fur girls, take them for daily socialization and exercise, plus they enjoy swimming in our pool. I wonder if we would do all these activities if we didn't have the two dobes?? For us, getting another dob was absolutely the right decision, and having two is fantastic! They are indeed our best mates...all the things you realize as do other readers. We will meet their needs and they certainly love us huge, which is such a dobermann trait.

What you pay for the pup, IMHO, is worth every cent, if you find a good match in a dob that feels right for you. Of course the health and pedigree are important, and it looks like you're starting out with a good foundation. I hope it works out for you. For us, with some similarities to your situation, it has worked out perfectly. So, go for it, and enjoy!!
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