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Originally Posted by ECIN View Post
Acro - Sorry to hear about your lose - I really don't know how to answer your question - As Left coast John said - I can't imagine our house with out a Doberman in it - that-s the same here , Yet - your asking for our opinion - My guess is your thinking you want to be fair to your new pup - you know how they are - to me - like most on here - your really thinking about the wellbeing of the Dobie over your self - You want to give him - Her - the best you can and not being able to take care of them or have to give one up - Am I close ? Well one thing I know - A Doberman don't know age -- as in us - they didn't know us when we were young - they just love the holly crap out of us - and we return it the best we can and they are happy !

I wish I had something smart to say about your subject - But am at a lose of words - I do thing that nobody knows themselves better than you - So -- I guess my opinion would be - you walk in and stand in front or a mirror and ask yourself - Acro - ole boy - are you up to it ?? My guess is you will say Hell yes ! and will be posting up pictures of your new gal or boy

good luck !!

You hit the nail. I guess I should have mentioned that. Thank you Ken..
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