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Originally Posted by justamere View Post
There was a lovely bitch called "Cora" at the shows in So California in the early 1980s, but I don't think that was part of her registered name. I believe she was a Sun Hawk daughter. I know she was at a show in early 1982 in the San Diego area. Pretty sure it was a specialty and it was held outside in the grass. I had 2 puppies entered, so maybe AKC could help me figure out what show it was and pull up the other entries. (Yeah, that's going to happen!)

Does anyone remember her? If not, any suggestions on finding out her registered name? I've looked through a list of Sun Hawk offspring and didn't see a name that clicked, so she could have been sired by a different dog, but I'm pretty sure Moe Miyagawa handled her.

Thanks for any help!


I'm not going to be much direct help but here are some suggestions that you might try.

Some of the Chapter Club have a complete collection of every catalog for every Specialty they had. San Diego would very likely have been a specialty put on by Aztec DPC of San Diego. Check the DPCA records for who the Secretary is and contact them and ask if they have catalogs from their specialties. Breeders Vic and Nancy Monteleon (Montwood Dobermas) were members of Aztec for years. Vic passed away several years ago but you should be able to contact Nancy (now Monteleon-Gilbert) This e-mail address should still be good [email protected]

For the record, the AKC will do searches for you--for a price. The price is somewhat dependent on whether information for the time period has been digitalized or not. If it means searching paper records it can be VERY expensive.

If you have any sort of information other than a call name of Cora another possibility would be publications. Doberman Quarterly was a major Dobe magazine in the 80's, Doberman World was still in business in 1982. Top Dobe was gone by then I thing--at least I don't seem to have anything later than 1977. Doberman Pinscher News and Views was long gone but it was one of very first and I have one as far back as the late 40's.

And Mary Rodgers was married to Moe I think still--and if you think Sun Hawk might have been the sire it's possible (but not very likely) that she might remember a registered name. AKC should be able to provide at least a mailing address for you since she's a licensed judge and DPCA shows her as a member with an e-mail address of

The only Cora I can think of is a Foxfire bitch from the mid 90's--that makes her about 15 years too late--the others are all way long ago--1930's.

Good luck.
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