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I've just read this thread, and I find it fascinating.

I agree that responsible breeding is important, as is education of the public into how to buy a doberman from a responsible breeder.

The one irritating problem I've always noted with the horse breeds as well is that, if responsible breeders breed fewer and fewer dogs, then it leaves only the irresponsible breeders to fill the gaps. This will cause issues with breeds dying out, and/or deterioration of the quality of the breed, which as we've already noted, we don't want because BSL is terrible, and dobermans with poor temperaments are poor ambassadors for the breed.

I don't know how to solve it without good breeders being able to breed more. Which tends to disqualify them as breeders (and now my head hurts).

So, is there a way to encourage good breeders to breed more, or encouraging new breeders to breed, thereby both preserving the breed *and* allowing for a better "supply" of dobermans for the buying public?

If breeders have to sell at a loss, this will not work, so we have to find a way to keep it both ethical and at least break-even-able. I don't see another way for the breed to survive well.

Please note, I have zero interest in breeding, not because I don't love the breed, but rather because I've been a part of the birthing of goats & horses and it's just not for me. So I'm not saying this to defend any bad breeding practices, but rather to open a discussion about how we can change things for the better.
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