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Hopefully this is the right board for this...

I am contemplating getting a subscription to Bullymake. Like Bark Box, they send a box of toys and treats each month for the length of your subscription. The reason is because we tend to spend a good deal of money lately trying to find toys that will last more than a few days for Zeus. Now that he has big dog teeth (he'll by 7 months old on the 29th of this month) he's going through toys like no one's business. We're no longer buying soft toys for him because he chews them up and tries to eat any piece that he can tear off. He's even destroying rubber toys. We have to watch him carefully because he'll nibble at a toy until it breaks apart and then will try to eat the pieces of the crumbled toy. The only ones that've lasted more than a week has been a Nylabone Power Chew toy and another toy whose brand I can't remember with a sort of rubberlike material that's "nearly indestructible".

So, since we don't want to go to the pet store every week for new toys because I lack self control and want to buy every toy that I see, I was contemplating the Bullymake idea. I first was going to look into Bark Box, but from what I read you can't sign up for power toys unless your pup damages the regular ones they send (I could be totally wrong on that, but that's what one customer wrote about her dog). I figure I'd skip the hassle and go with Bullymake, since their toys are supposedly made for tough chewers.

Any thoughts on this? Good/bad idea? Anyone currently use a service that sends toys that you'd recommend?
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