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The conformation standard as far as size and general appearance is just fine and I would have to vehemently disagree with making the breed larger or taller. Do we want more cardio problems? That's how we get more cardio problems.

However, I think temperament is too weak in far too many modern NA Dobes and few seem to care. When breeders indiscriminately linebreed, because they don't understand how to apply it and think they're going to get a winning ghetto clone of a popular sire, well, even in severely inbred humans, temperament & sanity are usually the first noticeable things to go.

Anxious Dobes are just not correct. Breeders are failing their dogs and themselves when they desensitize & train to evaluations like the WAC, and take it multiple times until their dogs pass. They are failing their dogs and the breed (and scamming buyers) when they claim to have "working bloodlines" based on a sire who only a WAC, TT, ATT and the tracking & obedience phases of IPO. What does passing ALL the temperament evals in the world mean if the dog has weak nerves or whatever other mental issues and can't pass protection phase of the most basic level?

I'm sure I'm in a minority here, but I'm of the opinion that, if the ferocious 70s & 80s Dobes were on the hard side of stable temperament, they had a chance in IPO and doing the work that matches their reputation. I realize that there are a host of reasons that Dobes are seldom seen in real protection jobs anymore, but there's definitely a problem when DVG clubs either don't accept Dobes for training in their programs, or laugh them off the field because they've seen so many failures. The illusion of Dobermans as fierce protectors persists for the general public, but those who are serious about protection sports or training policing dogs have all but abandoned the breed. It's a major thing when someone titles a Dobe to an IPO1 degree in the USA, a Dobe achieving IPO3 is a once-in-a-blue-moon event.

It's really sad that Dobes have lost so much respect in working circles.
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