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Originally Posted by melbrod View Post
It's a new burglary technique.....get into the house, destroy a few things, wait until the folks lock their pup up so he won't rip up anything while they are gone, break in and take everything of value.

Listen to what that poor dog is saying.....someone is trying to FRAME him.
Mel - If he hadn't acted so proud (and a little put-off that I dared to clean up the mess..) I MIGHT believe that. He doesn't get locked up anymore, but there is a designated "toys puppy is allowed to have while alone" and "toys to take away when you leave" - SO has been slacking on the system, I'm blaming him.

Good boy ! Good - Good Boy !!!! lmao !!! BTW - Did you do a crime scene report on it ? God I love that boy !
That's exactly the encouragement he doesn't need! I don't care if he destroys his toys - but I would really prefer that I was there while he was doing it, so I could monitor where all the "guts" go once they are out (hence the two toy bins).

I didn't feel the need to fill out a report - I had all the evidence I needed - and he CONFESSED! I wish I would have gotten it on video - whenever he does something wrong, I ask him if he did it, and he just lowers his head and looks up at me like "I'm sorry"

"Money can buy a lot of things, but it doesn't wiggle its butt every time you walk in the door."

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