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Originally Posted by RADAR2017 View Post, chickens! (SP - is that better?)

We gotta have blankets! We have no furnace in this s***ty old house we live in (SO was supposed to do that months ago, but we know how men are... )The one pictured is one of his favorites, though. He likes the fuzzy, snuggly ones. When I leave for work in the morning, he gets tucked in on the couch in the "turdin' up" (is that Kenny's phrase?) position in this blanket for his morning nap. On the weekends, we nap together.

We love our nature walks, we live about 1/4 mile from a trail going all around a pair of nice, clean lakes. Unfortunately, they are part of the drinking water system, so we can't swim . It's a great spot to see swans/sandhill cranes/herons, as well as squirrels and other woodland creatures. We will be going there A LOT this summer - we only got to go once before winter - I wanted to wait until his shots were done - I don't know how many dogs/other animals are usually down there. Eventually (once he remembers what recall is...), it will be a great place to practice off-leash work with distractions. I don't think many people know the trail is even there, I've never seen anyone on it before. There is a nice fishing area where the lakes butt up against each other, so there will be a good opportunity for more socialization work.

He's usually pretty consistent, waking me up some time between 6:30 and 7:30, but once we go through the whole eating, pottying, playing, training routine in the morning, he is ready for a nap by 8:30-9:00. I happily oblige on the weekends and snuggle up with him so we can watch some Netflix while SO sleeps in.

Radar is not allowed on the bed - there's no room for him and I can't stand dog hair in the bed. He's lucky to get the couch, and that's mostly because I like to snuggle He will stand touching the side of the bed (with the noxious gas cannon pointed my direction) if he feels I'm a little too slow getting out of bed, and do his famous nose-whistle whine until my arm emerges from the blankets and gives him some butt-rubs and pats. He doesn't generally bring toys into the bedroom, but if he doesn't receive proper lovin' in a timely manner, he knows how to burrow his head into the covers and let all the cold air in.

And if the stare doesn't work, there's always sneezing, violent ear shaking, whining, or face-licking. If that doesn't work, pound your paws on the floor until the human gives in (it won't take long).

Much better!


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